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Love those spoon chimes!
Welcome!! To our Artsy Website featuring Vintage Silverware!


We offer a wonderful variety of items from one of a kind Windchimes to Objects D' Art!

Check out our 2013 Schedule - we may be near you soon!

Please see us at Downingtown East High School

March 23, 2013

Exton, PA

print this page and receive a 20% discount when you see us at this event!!

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Jack - 2001 - 2012- Happy trails!! Welcome to THE SHABBY CHIC GARDEN Online Store! You are visitor number 69673. Thank you. We will be updating Pix and adding more exciting items in the next few weeks. Items you see here photographed are samples of the work we do, please email if you have any questions or if you have a special order!!!

Welcome to

All of our windchimes and other silverware items are made in our workshops in the USA

Always looking for used Silverplate Flatware!

Email us if you have any that you would like to sell!!

Happy Crafting!!


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Featured Products
Brimfield Windchimes
Whimsical Windchimes are made from Estate silverplate and stainless steel flatware and hollowware pieces and other regenerated collectibles. Copper, brass, chrome and sometimes even Sterling silver are used as the main top piece. Please look at the various offerings and make your choice.
Wonderful handcrafted items made from Estate Silverplate flatware, Vintage and new beads and Semi precious Stones. Bracelets, Necklaces, Pendents, lanyards and Whimsical Lapel pins.
Booth Display
A view of our Booth showing you items that are available when we hit the road doing Real world Craft shows.  This was at Cornhill in Rochester, NY Craft Fair
This is a view of an outdoor show when we hit the road doing real world Craft shows.
Hot Items
Here are some of the top-selling products in our store:
Curly Girl Silverplate Whimsey Pin #1
Fun and Cute Estate Silverplate Pin
$ 0.00
Brimfield Windchime
Victorian Silverplate Tea Pot Windchime

more available
$ 0.00

Brimfield WindChime Graduated
Beautiful Whimsical Brimfield WindChimes

Similar ones are available please email
$ 0.00

Curley Girl Lapel Pin
Estate Silverplate lapel pin
$ 0.00
Curley Girl Lapel Pin- Arts & Crafts design
Estate Silverplate lapel Pin
$ 0.00
Silverplate bracelet
Beautiful Estate Silverplate Bracelet
$ 0.00
Silverplate bracelet
Made from Estae silverplate flatware
$ 0.00
Silverplate Bracelet
Estate Silverplate braclet with Monogram - Sample
$ 0.00
Silverplate flatware bracelet
Beautiful Estate silverplate Bracelet -Sample
$ 0.00